Kick-starting Card Sending Festive Friday 2018

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It seems that nobody quite knows when to kick-start the festivities each Christmas. When do I put the tree up? Can I watch Home Alone yet? Is it too early for mulled wine? The one thing Kate does know, is when to start sending cards. Festive Friday is held on the 30th of November this year, the perfect date to start spreading Christmas cheer!

Festive Friday is a special day for the greeting cards industry, and anyone else who enjoys sending and receiving cards at a wonderful time of year. This occasion aims to get bells jingling nice and early through the act of card-sending. Love Kate’s have everything you need to fully immerse yourself in to Festive Friday. Kate offers one of the largest ranges of Christmas cards online, including pop-up, humour, boofle, religious cards and many more. If you want to support a great cause at the same time, you could even send some of the fabulous charity cards that Kate has on offer. These charity cards include charities such as Samaritan’s, Marie Curie, British Heart Foundation, RSPCA, Prince’s Trust, NSPCC, Alzheimer’s Society and many more. By subscribing to Kate’s newsletter and following their Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest profiles, you’ll be able to get your hands on some great offers – making the 30th of November not only festive, but affordable as well!


Aside from friends and family, you could get creative with who you send your cards to on Festive Friday. You could send them to a residential care home, an elderly ward of a hospital, a local charity, or even post them anonymously around your neighbourhood. “This is such a lovely day to put in your calendar” Kate says, “You could even donate a box of Christmas cards with some information about Festive Friday so that more people are aware”. Why not bring Festive Friday into work? You could set aside an hour to bring staff together and enjoy the process of card writing and sending. You could even encourage your team to send handmade cards using Love Kate’s craft section, which includes a fantastic range of DIY Toppers to get creative with at Christmas. Kate and her elves offer free delivery on all UK orders, they can even deliver your goods through next sleigh delivery if your order is placed by 1pm weekdays. This means you have plenty of time to spread the Festive Friday word and get everyone you know (or don’t know) involved!


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