Celebrating Anniversary Dates July to August

Briton buys first Coca Cola | A year in anniversary dates

Kate thought we’d keep an eye on the anniversary calendar for you, so she’s putting together some of her favourite dates for you to celebrate month by month.  Some are quirky, some are really important historical anniversaries, and others are just a bit of fun, but all of them are interesting dates to celebrate so let’s kick off with Harry Potter July and Chop Suey August
Interesting Fact | July is Anti Boredom Month (How boring...) 

July’s packed with important historical dates like Neil Armstrong  bouncing on the moon in 1969, the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain and King Henry VIII having his one-time best friend, Sir Thomas Moore, executed for not recognising him as the leader of the Church nearly half a millennium ago in 1535. To cheer us up a bit though July 1877 was the year of the first ever Wimbledon with the men’s singles being won by the Englishman Spenser W Gore and, to bring us right up to date, this July is also the creator of Harry Potter JK Rowling’s fiftieth birthday, and also marks the special royal christening of Prince William and Kate’s little Princess Charlotte.   


"Happy 50th Birthday JK Rowling!"
Happy 50th Birthday JK Rowling
Interesting Fact | August is Artists Appreciation Month

Not a lot of people know that Coca Cola was sold in Britain for the first time on the last day of August 1900.  August is also the month of Sean Connery's, the 1960s James Bond’s 85th birthday and the twentieth anniversary of the release of the revolutionary computer operating system Microsoft Windows 95.  August 1914 also saw Britain declare war on Germany, the 1940 Luftwaffe’s Blitz on London and the death of Elvis in 1977, but perhaps most important of all, to appeal to both Chinese and Americans, Chop Suey was invented in New York.


"Happy 85th Birthday Sean Connery!"

Happy 85th Birthday Sean Connery


Come back soon and we’ll have more top-notch anniversaries dates, birthdays and special milestones to celebrate in the coming months...



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