Father's Day Gift Guide: Ways to Make Dad Feel Special for Father’s Day

With Father's Day just around the corner, you might be wondering, "What should I get for Dad?"

Of course, you want to make him feel special, perhaps by giving him a well-deserved lay-in and maybe even serving him breakfast in bed if he's lucky! But what makes Father’s Day particularly hard is, well… they tend to already have everything they need.

From a chinwag in a beer garden to an extravagant gift, there are many ways to show your dad a big thank you for being so fab! However, we all know it's important to remember that Father's Day is not just about material goodies but the sentimental meaning behind them which holds a longer-lasting impression.

We created a super gift guide to help you find cool presents for Dad (just like he thinks he is) and make him feel the love on Father's Day.

Idea 1: A Gift Relating to Their Favourite Hobby

Father's Gift Guide of choosing a gift for your dad related to hobbies they have picture of a golf tee and ball, man on a road bike and a man playing football

For hobbyist dads, nothing beats a Father's Day gift related to their favourite pastime! Take the day to listen to him ramble on with his extensive knowledge of his interests or join in on the hobby he has wanted you to try for ages because he thinks you’ll ‘love it’. Whether your dad is a cycling enthusiast or a football fanatic, we've got a present idea for him:

  • Hand drawn icon of a golf pitch with the flag in the final hole and a golf ball in the foregroundHe is the Best by Par After a long day out on the golf course, help him take the weight off his feet with a pair of golf-tastic slippers and a nice cuppa in a tee-riffic mug.
  • Hand drawn illustration of a football by itself on a white background
     Real Keeper For the dads that are in a league of their own, why not gift them a "Football or Pub" tankard for a nice cold pint while they watch the footy, or a selection of fantastic football socks? 
  • A hand drawn illustration of a pink bike on a white background
    Lycra Legend Are they a road rocket? For Father’s Day, feed into their passion with a quirky bike-themed mug and a cyclist-centric coaster bound to set off his wheel spiel.

Idea 2: Surprising Them with a Funky Pop Up Card

Pop-Up Father's Day Cards on a blue background Unique 3D pop-up greeting card for Dad's special day, perfect for celebrating Father's Day.

 Consider adding the WOW factor with an exciting pop-up card for an extra surprise this Father's Day!  Guaranteed to bring a big smile to any dad's face. We have the perfect Father’s Day pop ups in our online card shop, for your petrolhead pops or your very own superhero dads.

Our fabulous selection is second to none, they’re packed with charming 3D designs that will surely be a winner card, if you have siblings they really can’t compete with this one! And don't worry if you're not great with words—there's a little space on the side of the card where you can jot down a quick note to show your appreciation. Let these stunning cards do all the talking for you!

Idea 3: A Unique Personalised Present

A range of customised and personalised Father's Day presents unique to dad! A glass picture frame personalised recorded in a frame, no.1 dad chocolate bar and a ‘my daddy roar-some’ mug against a dark blue background with silver stars also with a best dad badge on a wooden surface

On Father's Day, it's a great opportunity to show thankfulness for the years of being the best bank of all - 'The Bank of Dad' - as well as a superb taxi service! Giving a unique and personalised Father's Day gift is an extraordinary way to say 'Thanks' and treat him for all the unconditional love he gives you. There's no better way to do this than a bespoke gift for Dad to enjoy.

Here are a few ideas on how to spoil him with his personality weaved into the present:

  • Custom photo frames to jazz up his work desk or albums for the DJ dad who dances like nobody is watching… even when they are.
  • For the Gardening Guru, rain or shine, you will find him in his greenhouse or pottering around the garden, surprise him with a personalised slate plaque for his shed.
  • Monogrammed accessories like wallets or cufflinks for the dads who are the definition of dapper.
  • Customize a mug with the nickname you affectionally gave him so every sip of his morning coffee will remind him of you! Or push the boat out with an engraved pint glass for the self-proclaimed beer connoisseurs and when his name is on the glass, it definitely makes it taste better.

Idea 4: 3D Message In a Bottle Card

Father's Day themed 3D Message in a Bottle cards and gift in a tin camper van on a wooden surface with a blurred outdoors green background

A distinctive twist on the traditional Father’s Day card is picking one from Love Kate’s many 3D message-in-a-bottle cards. Choose a card that evokes a cherished memory shared with your dad, it could be playing football in the park, a memorable beach day, your first camping adventure, or the time your father taught you how to fish. We have a beautifully designed card for them all.

How about, instead of writing the usual ‘Happy Father’s Day’ message, you could tell him how you remember that precious moment from your perspective and why it’s so special to you.

Idea 5: A heartfelt Card or One to Make Them Chuckle

Father's Day themed cards with the phrases 'Cheers Dad' on a card with a beer bottle illustration, 'Love you Shed Loads' card with a garden shed on it, finally a 'Superdad' card with a bear wearing a superhero cape on

The classic Father’s Day Card! You can’t go wrong with that. Firstly, you need to think of what sort of vibe you want to go for; jokey, artistic, cheeky or sentimental. A card is always best when it reflects the kind of relationship you have with your dad.

Cute hand drawn illustration of Boofle the teddy bear dog holding a pink heart

When it comes to sentimental cards, it's all about pouring your heart into the message. Think of something heartfelt like, "Dad, you are my biggest supporter," or recall a cherished memory you've shared together. Pick a card that really captures the essence of what you want to say—maybe one with a touching quote or poem. If you want to add an extra special touch, you can even create your own with our personalised cards. Let your dad know just how much he means to you in the sweetest way possible, it might even bring a little tear to his eye! 

Hand drawn illustration of a pair of cheeky pink boxers shorts with bright pink hearts on them

Naturally, there is a different approach to the humorous cards and gifts. If you have that cheeky Chappy bond with your dad, you will know his sense of humour and really, that is all there is to it! Look for cards with puns, dad jokes he might make himself or tickle his funny bone with a hilarious illustration. You can tailor the gift or message to an inside joke you have to make him chuckle.

Let’s Spread the Father’s Day love further!

Spreading the Father's Day love further to nearly dads from the belly bump, pet parents with a dog on a lead looking up at his owner and Grandad with his granddaughter laughing together

When it comes to Father's Day, it doesn’t have to be just about dads. Fatherhood comes in all shapes and sizes (quite literally). If you have a male figure who brings value to your life and deserves to hear it, share some thankfulness and gratitude with them by giving a little present or sweet card. The small gesture without a doubt will bring joy to their day. Especially, if they weren’t expecting it!

Hand drawn illustration of a baby bottle on a plain white background

To those who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their little one, don’t let them miss out on this Father’s Day just because the baby is still a bump.

We offer a lovely assortment of 'Daddy' cards, perfect for expressing heartfelt messages from tummy to dad. You could write sweet phrases like 'I'm looking forward to meeting you, Daddy, and I already love you so much' to fill the soon-to-be dad's heart with immense joy.

Delicate hand drawn icon illustration of bright green wellie boots for gardening

Grandpas should be celebrated on Father's Day too! They're the family's heartbeat, spreading wisdom, love, and a sprinkle of support through the ages.

With a treasure trove of tales and life lessons, from teaching us life hacks to showering us with endless love, Grandads are the OG superheroes, and treating them to a gift and card is a lovely way to tip our hats to their greatness!

Sweet hand drawn illustration icon of the back of a brown golden coloured dog wearing a pink collar

Attention pet parents! Whether you have a dog, cat, or even a hamster, these little critters can demand just as much attention (or maybe even more) than human kids!

Show some love to their devoted dad this Father's Day with a cute card from their four-legged pal - it's guaranteed to bring a big smile to his face!

We hope we have inspired you to put together the best Father’s Day possible for your dad! We’d love to see what Love Kate’s goodies you picked from our online card and gift shop, share with us over on Instagram and tag @lovekatescards!

Hand drawn illustration of a beer mug or tankard over flowing with bubbling beer on a plain white background


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