Wedding Season... congratulate the happy couple with the perfect card

A wedding is an occasion that is happy, joyful and something to be celebrated amongst family and friends. Long gone are the days where people are sent a gift list for the newlyweds. Instead, nowadays a simple card and donation is the most popular way to congratulate a newly married couple, which means finding the right card is trickier than ever before.

Whilst some couples appreciate kind words and meaningful statements, others may find the humorous cards more up their street. No matter the type of wedding you're attending, you can trust in us to find you the perfect wedding card which will suit the new couple.

If you're attending a wedding in the summer months and need to find the perfect card to give the new couple, Love Kate's have you covered.

We are proud to offer a wide range of wedding cards for you to choose from. Everything from the funny and hilarious, to the bold, beautiful and heartfelt messages. All our cards are made from the highest quality materials and will give the newlyweds something to treasure forever. In addition to our wedding cards, we specialise in pop up cards which are bold, beautiful and colourful.

Spoil the happy couple with the right gift

If you want to go the extra mile, why not make the happy couple feel extra special and buy them a gift which they can proudly show off? We have a wide range of Mr & Mrs gifts which will look great in any home and will make the recently wedded couple feel truly special. We have everything from wedding fund pots which make a great engagement present, to photo frames, mugs and much more!

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