Send a letter from Santa

Send A Letter From Santa

What is the must have Christmas Gift Idea for Children of 2022?


Capturing the excitement and expectation in a child's eye as they anxiously wait to hear from Santa has inspired our team of elves to create something truly special for 2022. Love Kate’s are proud to be offering a dashing Christmas letter from Santa Claus himself, for your little treasures to read and enjoy.

This fun-filled online Christmas card will arrive flat and unfolds to reveal a 3D festive Santa scene within a window, hand-finished with embellishments; enclose your own message inside and provide a personal touch for your child at this magical time of year.

If you’re struggling to think of gift ideas for children this Christmas, remember that the most magical gift is the gift of truly believing in Santa.

Whether you keep the letter as a stocking filler, deliver it well before Christmas day, or save it for the 24th of December, you can guarantee that for only £3.99, your loved ones will adore this magical festive touch.

Is it personalised?


With Christmas around the corner, what better way for your little one to receive a personalised letter from Santa, handwritten by himself!

Now that’s reindeer magic right there.

Santa will be sure to include your personalised message including special details that are unique to your child, such as:

milestones and achievements from the past year, references to their cherished pet, a message from their teacher, and their name and age.


What should I include in the letter from Santa?


If you’re struggling to think of what festive magic you can sprinkle into their Christmas card from Santa, we have plenty of ideas to help you!

After ensuring your letter is unique and specific to the recipient, your next step could be some positive praise. Let’s face it, children love to know that they’re on the nice list, right? At Love Kate’s we think some of the most magical letters from Santa are the ones that encourage the child to keep up the wonderful behaviour, in order to be rewarded at Christmas time.

Your letter might say:

“Mummy says you have been very good at making your bed in the morning!”


“Mrs Smith says you have been kind to others at school.”

It is also useful to use the letter from Santa to ask the child to do something – children love the thought of having a special request from Father Christmas himself. You could ask the child to help out with certain tasks around the house, throughout the year, or you could request that the child is asleep early on Christmas Eve, in order to ensure the reindeers aren’t spooked by inquisitive children!



Any other top tips for what message to include in a letter from Santa?

You might also want to reference details that are specific to your house. For example, if your house does not have a chimney, you could explain that Santa uses a very special key to get in. Or you could get Santa to thank your little ones for the snacks they left last year and let them know what Rudolph and the other reindeer would like to nibble on this year.

Nothing can beat the glow on a child’s face as they spot the crimson red envelope with their name on it. After all, real magic doesn’t come from the toys or the turkey, it comes from that nostalgic feeling of truly believing in a world that is so magical, so innocent, and so special.

Remember that the most magical gift is the gift of truly believing in Santa.

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