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It’s Thinking Of You Week once again. I can remember when it all started and the excitement I felt joining in, writing and sending a card a day throughout the week.

Since 2014, Thinking Of You Week has helped us all harness the emotional power of cards, to create a wave of love, caring and happiness around the world, by encouraging everyone to send cards to different people during the week.

This year as Thinking Of You Week approaches, our country is mourning the sad passing of our beloved Queen Elizabeth II. In recognition of the wave of sadness felt amongst us all, we feel it’s more important than ever to reach out and send a card this week. Sending a greeting card to say “hello” or “I’m thinking of you” is such a simple, yet powerful, act of kindness. Taking the time to visit a Card Shop, choosing a greeting card, and then sitting down to handwrite a personal message is something everyone can do today to ensure that no one feels like they’re facing their grief alone.

Sending cards to celebrate a Birthday, mark a special Anniversary, or commemorate a special achievement with a heartfelt Congratulations is familiar to us all. Whereas, sending a card without an occasion feels more like good old-fashioned letter writing. How many of us remember writing letters? Taking a pen, a piece of letter paper and writing to a dear friend or family member, or perhaps even a pen pal? Addressing the matching envelope from your letter writing stationery set and, affixing a postage stamp after giving it a lick (yuk) and then walking to a post box and posting it off. Then waiting patiently to receive a letter back.

Interestingly, Kate's postbox features the initial's 'GR' which means that it was set up during the era of King George VI (between 1936 - 1952). We hope that special reminders of Queen Elizabeth will continue to surround us in as similar way in the years to come.



I was lucky to have a good friend who was a ‘prolific’ letter writer, so I enjoyed regular letters dropping on my doormat as a young adult.

Nowadays with social media, emails, mobile telephones, and less time on our hands, of course, many of us I suspect rarely write a letter. Thankfully sending Greeting Cards is as popular as ever. Unmatched by any electronic card or instant message, we all LOVE sending cards. So, for me, Thinking Of You Week is a chance to pop pen to paper (or card) and write to those you care about. To enjoy picking a card from a wonderful choice of any occasion greeting cards, all blank inside ready for your own special message and suitable for any event. Perfect for #TOYW22! (Thinking Of You Week 2022)

The magic of ‘CARD SENDING’ is of course ‘CARD RECEIVING’

I know we all love the feeling of checking our post-box and receiving a hand-addressed envelope that contains a special greeting card. Cards for Birthdays, Christmas Cards, New Home Cards, and Wedding Anniversary Cards, are all wonderful to receive and open. To place in our homes to admire for a week or two.

Imagine now, Thinking Of You Week. Choosing, writing, and sending cards – once a day, perhaps – and then waiting for the wave of card sending all over the country and world, and for cards, in turn, to drop through your door. This is the real magic. I’ve taken part in TOYW every year since 2014 and enjoy being part of the magic. As the founder of Love Kate’s and a greeting card enthusiast, I don’t need an excuse to send a card. I hope you all will join me this year.

In 2022 we commemorated our Queen’s 70-year reign, with bunting, street parties, beacons and even afternoon tea with Paddington Bear. These precious memories marked such a milestone for our country and our monarch. As we now join together to pay our respects and watch the state funeral of our Queen, many of us will be finding it difficult and will be feeling sad. What better time than to take part and join together in a wave of card sending, wishing each other well, reminiscing memories of Royal celebrations, sharing feelings, thoughts and heartfelt sentiment inside greeting cards.

Send a card with a London Bus, a Corgi, or that lets them know that you’re thinking of them and sending hugs. Hopefully, I may have inspired you to join me in sending a card or two this year. Perhaps send a card to someone who would least expect one and someone who would most appreciate it. A card to a Teacher, a neighbour, an old work colleague, a school mate or even a pen pal from years gone by. If you need a helping hand with ideas of what to write inside your card, I have listed a few ideas below to get you started:

Your favourite memory of the Queen.

What the Queen meant to you.

A quote by the Queen that has impacted you, my personal favourite is:

“Grief is the price we pay for love”

How did you celebrate the jubilee?

Remembering the Queen’s amazing qualities, such as her brilliant sense of humour.

Some may prefer a distraction during this period of mourning. You could write about:

How you spent your summer holidays.

Your proudest achievement this year so far. Family news and gossip (this, of course, includes your pets).

Your memories of writing letters.

Why you picked this particular card out for them.

As with all good letters, inside a card remember to ask lots of questions to keep the conversations going and to stay connected. You might even receive a reciprocated card through your very own door!

Fill your card with loveliness, encouraging words, happy thoughts, kind messages and exciting ideas. Perhaps draw a little emoji, stick man or a drawing of your cat. And remember to add kisses.

I hope you have enjoyed reading a little more about Thinking Of You Week, and some of my ideas and tips for card sending. How wonderful it would be for you all to send a card and deliver a smile this year as we all remember and commemorate Her Majesty the Queen.

Please do share your experiences with us here at Love Kate’s – we really do LOVE cards!



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