Get Set Make Creative Fun for Crafty Kids

Creativity, Quality and Value for Money

At Love Kate’s, we are truly passionate about thoughtfully hand-picking products and brands that we genuinely believe in, in order to give our customers the best choice of cards and gifts at competitive prices. Kate and her team therefore attend busy trade shows up and down the country, searching for innovative brands that combine creativity, quality and value for money. After all, these 3 elements sit at the core of Love Kate’s, and always will.

Get Set Make

Hand-picked and Considered Choices

With these qualities in mind, we are thrilled to announce that we are now working with the new brand, ‘Get Set Make’. Not only does this new venture brilliantly embody all of the qualities at the heart of Love Kate’s, but they are also a small, family-run enterprise that derived from the love of a Mother wanting the best for her children. And just like that – Love Kate’s was on board!

Get Set… Break Bad Habits

Based in the bustling city of London (much different to Kate’s Cornish lifestyle), a mum and her young family decided to invest their creative energy and love of family bonding into a project that would soon become an innovative and exciting brand. Get Set Make has recently launched in the UK and comprises a range of affordable activity kits that keeps little ones’ hands and brains busy and engaged. It is no secret that in today’s society children are often exposed to damaging quantities of screen-time and endless electronics. Children are less and less likely to return home from a busy park covered in mud after puddle-diving with their friends.

Times are changing.

However, Get Set Make wants to change children’s habits for the better. At just £5.99 per kit, children are able to subconsciously express their creativity and self-confidence, whilst also improving their fine motor skills.

No mess, no glue, no scissors, no screen-time, no hole in the bank balance; it’s a parent’s dream.

All of the packs include all the required equipment which allows these kits to be enjoyed on the train, in a restaurant or anywhere else for that matter! Not only are the self-contained kits the perfect activity for on the move, at a party or as a gift, they are also extremely durable and therefore can be used time and time again. Why should so much creativity and fun be limited to one use?!

Suitable, Simplistic, Safe

The fantastic range of ‘Create Your Own’ and ‘Colouring” kits are suitable for children over the age of 4 and offer something for everyone. From Animal Masks and Panda Bags to Monkey Slippers and Woodland Frames, children are given choice and (most importantly) the freedom to explore and get creative. Get Set Make understands the importance of simplicity for many parents, and therefore prides itself on the stand-alone nature of the kits as well as providing YouTube videos to guide families through the creative process – if necessary. Safety is also a key focus for Get Set Make. They have therefore provided plastic needles to allow children to explore the art of sewing whilst remaining risk-free. Considering all of this, we hope you can see why the Love Kate’s team are so proud and excited to be stockists of Get Set Make. With free delivery and over 4500 Trusted Shops reviews, we hope that you will feel confident in using Love Kate’s to explore what the Get Set Make brand has on offer.

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