Anniversary Gifts for Her

Whether it's your copper, silver, or gold anniversary, commemorate the years spent together by giving her a gift she’ll treasure.


We’ve picked out the very best card and gift combinations to help you celebrate your anniversary milestones, and for the moments in between, we’re introducing our brand-new Anniversary Pop-up Card. This gorgeous card can be personalised with any number between 1 and 80, making it easier than ever to give a memorable keepsake when the traditional gift (such as wax for a 16th anniversary) seems a tad unromantic.


Simply find the card here, pick the number of years and send!


1st Anniversary - Paper

Of course, for a paper anniversary we have to recommend one of our gorgeous pop-up paper anniversary cards.



5th Anniversary - Wood

Ideal for a someone who loves cooking, this personalised chopping board perfectly pairs with our Holy Mackerel 5th Anniversary card.



10th Anniversary - Tin

This tin plaque is the perfect way to remind them how much you love them. Simply combine with our beautiful new Pop-up Anniversary card to make it a date to remember!



20th Anniversary - China

Make her smile on your 20th anniversary with this funny china mug by Rosie Made a Thing. Don't forget the matching anniversary card!



25th Anniversary - Silver

Add a little sparkle to your 25th anniversary with this beautiful pair of silver flutes, complete with a stylish gift box.


30th Anniversary - Pearl

Personalised pearls made for the special lady in your life on your anniversary. Pair with this gorgeous card by Talking Pictures which has been finished with glitter, sequins and a pearlescent envelope.



50th Anniversary - Gold

A golden bottle for a golden anniversary! Personalise this bottle of champagne with your own message for her to celebrate your special day.



60th Anniversary - Diamond

Made for the woman who deserves all the diamonds in the world, this gorgeous personalised paperweight it a beautiful keepsake to remember a very special 60th anniversary.



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