Father's Day Card Ideas for 2023

Father's Day 2023 is just around the corner, and it's the perfect opportunity to show your dad how much you appreciate all that he does for you. This year, Father's Day falls on Sunday, June 18th, and people all around the world will be celebrating in their own unique ways. From a simple phone call to an elaborate gift, there are many ways to show your dad that you love him on this special day. It's important to remember that Father's Day is not just about material gifts, but about the sentiment behind them. A heartfelt message or a simple gesture of appreciation can go a long way in showing your dad how much you love and value him.

Who can I send a card to on Father’s Day?

Father's Day is a special day to celebrate and honour all the amazing father figures in our lives. It's a day to show appreciation for their hard work, sacrifices, and unconditional love. While most people tend to think of sending Father's Day cards to their own dads, there are many other recipients who would appreciate a thoughtful card to recognise their role as a father figure. Here are some different recipients you can send Father's Day cards to:

First-time dads:

Becoming a father for the first time is a life-changing experience. It can be both exciting and overwhelming, and new dads often need all the encouragement and support they can get. Sending a Father's Day card to a first-time dad is a great way to show that you recognise and appreciate their new role. Here are some messages you could write in a Father's Day card for a first-time dad:

• "Congratulations on becoming a dad! Wishing you a happy first Father's Day."

• "You're going to be an amazing dad. Happy Father's Day!"

• "Watching you become a father has been such a joy. I'm so proud of you. Happy Father's Day!"


Sons who are fathers:

As our children grow up and become parents themselves, it's a wonderful thing to see them embrace their new role as a father. Sending a Father's Day card to your son who is now a dad is a great way to show that you're proud of the father he has become. Here are some messages you could write in a Father's Day card for your son who is a dad:

• "I'm so proud of the father you've become. Happy Father's Day, son!"

• "Watching you with your own children fills my heart with joy. Happy Father's Day!"

• "Seeing you as a dad has been one of the greatest joys of my life. Happy Father's Day, son!"


Grandfathers play an important role in many families. They often provide guidance, support, and love to their grandchildren, and are cherished members of the family. Sending a Father's Day card to your grandfather is a wonderful way to show him that you appreciate his love and wisdom. Why not try one of our pop-up grandfather cards? Here are some messages you could write in a Father's Day card for your grandfather:

• "Thank you for being such an amazing grandfather. Happy Father's Day!"

• "You've always been a father figure to me, Grandpa. Happy Father's Day!"

• "Your love and guidance have helped shape me into the person I am today. Happy Father's Day, Grandad!"

Father figures:

Father's Day isn't just for biological fathers. It's also a day to recognise and honour the other important father figures in our lives, such as stepfathers, uncles, and family friends. Why not help your furry friend to show their appreciation to their pet parent this year? Regardless of who it’s for, sending a Father's Day card to a special father figure is a great way to show that you appreciate their love and support. Here are some messages you could write in a Father's Day card for a special father figure:

• "Thank you for always being there for me like a father. Happy Father's Day!"

• "You've been a positive influence in my life, and I'm grateful for your guidance. Happy Father's Day!"

• "I'm lucky to have someone like you in my life. Happy Father's Day!"




What types of Father’s Day cards are there?

Father's Day cards come in all shapes and sizes and can be personalised to suit the recipient’s personality and interests. Here are some ideas for Father's Day cards, along with some examples of messages you could write inside:

Funny cards:

If your dad has a great sense of humour, a funny Father's Day card may be just the thing to make him smile. Look for cards with puns, dad jokes, or humorous illustrations. Does your dad spend time imitating Tiger Woods? Why not send our witty golf-themed Father’s Day card, or this humorous Father’s day card for the terrible chef in your life. Here are some examples of messages you could write inside a funny Father's Day card:

• "Well done dad, I turned out awesome. Happy Father's Day!"

• "Thanks for always being there to lend a dad hand! Happy Father's Day!"

• "I know I'm your favourite child, even if you won't admit it. Happy Father's Day!"

Sentimental cards:

For a more heartfelt message, choose a card that expresses your feelings for your dad. Look for cards with meaningful quotes or poems, or write your own message inside. Here are some examples of messages you could write inside a sentimental Father's Day card:

• "Dad, thank you for always being my rock and my biggest supporter. Happy Father's Day!"

• "I feel so lucky to have you as my dad. You've taught me so much and I'm grateful for every moment we've shared. Happy Father's Day!"

• "Dad, you're the first man I ever loved, and you'll always hold a special place in my heart. Happy Father's Day!"

Pop-up cards:

Pop-up cards add an extra surprise for Dad. Look for cards that have pop-up elements inside, such as a 3D image of their hobbies and interests. We have the perfect pop-up cards for the cycling enthusiast in your life, the petrol-head or your very own ‘Super Dad’. Here are some examples of messages you could write inside a pop-up Father's Day card:

• "Happy Father's Day to the best dad ever!

• "You're one in a million, Dad! Happy Father's Day!"

• "You’re not just my dad, you’re also my hero."

Personalised cards:

For a truly special Father's Day card, consider creating a personalised card. You can add photos, drawings, or special messages to make the card unique to your dad. Here are some examples of messages you could write inside a personalised Father's Day card:

• "Dad, I made this card just for you because you're one of a kind. Happy Father's Day!"

• "This card may not be perfect, but neither am I. Thanks for always loving me anyway. Happy Father's Day!"

• "Dad, you're the reason I am who I am today. I'm so grateful for your love and guidance. Happy Father's Day!"

Short and sweet cards:

If you're not sure what to write inside the card, a short and sweet message may be just what you need. Look for cards that have pre-written messages inside or write your own message that is simple and heartfelt. Here are some examples of messages you could write inside a short and sweet Father's Day card:

• "Thanks for being the best dad ever. Happy Father's Day!"

• "Dad, you're my hero. Happy Father's Day!"

• "I love you, Dad. Happy Father's Day!"

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