In-House Artist: Gets to Work on the New Love Kate’s Website

Here at Love Kate's, we're all about infusing our online space with creativity, warmth, and a touch of magic. That's why we're thrilled to introduce you to Tabitha, our talented in-house artist! Fondly known as Tabby, she's the artistic powerhouse behind all the hand-drawn icons adorning our brand-new website.

From the charming pink hues that embody our signature style to the intricate details that capture the essence of Love Kate's, Tabby's illustrations bring our digital world to life with a burst of personality and charm. Each icon is a testament to her illustrative talents that she has fostered for over 30 years down here in Cornwall.
Tabitha Corbett artist of Love Kate's illustrations icons for the website

But Tabby isn't just an artist, she's an integral part of our tight-knit team, embodying our values of friendliness, collaboration, and dedication to spreading love through every card and gift we offer. Whether she's sketching out new designs or adding the finishing touches to our website, Tabby's warmth and creativity shine through in everything she does.

We’re also thrilled to introduce the new icons for some of our customers' favourite ranges, including our Rosie Made A Thing collection, Boofle, Quentin Blake, and Little Dog Laughed collections. These icons are designed to help you find the perfect gifts for every type of friend and family member. For your gin-loving buddy, a Rosie Made A Thing card with a cheeky gin icon will capture the spirit of your fun-filled nights together.

Boofle Cards and Boofle Gifts are perfect for those who adore all things cute and cuddly – Boofle’s lovable pup character never fails to bring a smile. For the art enthusiasts in your life, look no further than Quentin Blake Cards and Quentin Blake Mugs, with their whimsical and charming illustrations. Kate loves the Rosie range for its honest and humorous take on everyday life, making it ideal for friends who appreciate a good laugh and a dose of reality.

Little Dog That Laughed white scotty dog wearing a bandana around his neck
Rosie Made A Thing icon
Quentin Blake drawn in Quentin Blakes style
Boofle Dog holding a pink heart drawn by Tabitha Corbett

For pet lovers like Tabby, who adores both cats and dogs, The Little Dog Laughed range is a delightful choice. Keep an eye out for the cat and dog icons to find gifts that celebrate our furry friends. As you browse our website, you’ll notice various themes and icons designed to guide you, whether you’re looking for a gift for a gin enthusiast, an art lover, or a pet fanatic. These icons make it easy to find the perfect card or gift that reflects the personality and interests of your loved ones, ensuring every occasion is celebrated in style.

So the next time you explore our website and find yourself drawn to those adorable icons, know that they're not just images - they're a reflection of Tabby's talent, love, and dedication to making your Love Kate's experience truly special. Here's to Tabby and her magical touch that makes Love Kate's shine brighter than ever!

With love,

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