Introducing our Balloon In A Box collection...

We've all been there: you suddenly realise that you forgot someone's birthday or special occasion, and you're left scrambling to find a thoughtful gift at the last minute. Sending a last minute flower bouquet or gift card may be the obvious options, but why not surprise your loved ones with a birthday gift that’s truly unique and unforgettable?

That's where our new 'Balloon in A Box' range floats in! There's something truly exciting about balloons; they symbolise celebration, happiness, and remind many of us of our childhood birthdays. And with 'Balloon in A Box,' we've taken the art of gifting to new heights - quite literally!

We take pride in the quality of our balloons. Our 'Balloon in A Box' range features inflated Bubble balloons that are bigger, better, and longer-lasting than your average balloon. Made from high-quality materials, they'll stay afloat and keep spirits high for at least one week. We even adorn them with elegant tassels, adding an extra touch of charm!

What should I expect?

Imagine this: you open the box, and as if by magic, a remarkable, 22” helium balloon drifts up into the atmosphere… But that's not all! Attached to the balloon is a special envelope that holds an extraordinary surprise. As you open the envelope, a delightful rendition of 'Happy Birthday' begins to play, before revealing the fabulous Pop Up birthday card that awaits inside. Our popular Pop Up cards are crafted to impress, featuring intricate designs and a large dose of the ‘WOW’ factor. Explore our collection to find 6 design options for him, her and children. It really is the gift that keeps on giving!

A Personalised Experience

What truly sets Love Kate's 'Balloon in A Box' apart is the ability to personalise the experience. We believe that every gift should be unique and special. That's why you can add your own handwritten message to the card, allowing you to express a sentimental message or convey heartfelt congratulations, before sending your gift direct to someone special.

Against the clock

Here at Love Kate’s, we understand that sometimes time is of the essence. That's why we've made it our mission to provide a last-minute gifting solution that doesn't compromise on thoughtfulness or quality. With Love Kate's 'Balloon in A Box,' you can surprise your loved ones even when time is running short.

Looking for a gift with next day delivery? Using our fabulous Tracked 24 (Express Shipping Service), your gift will usually arrive the very next day, ensuring smiles and surprises right on time!

Tag us in your videos!

Capture the smiles, laughter and heartfelt reactions as your loved ones experience the wonder of a 'Balloon in A Box.' We can't wait to see the magic unfold! We encourage all our wonderful customers to share the joy and excitement of this range by tagging us in your videos. Show us the moment the balloon floats up, the envelope releases its dulcet tones and the card bursts open to reveal its 3D self. Let the world see just how special and memorable this gift truly is!

So, get your cameras ready, spread the joy, and share the love! Tag @lovekatescards in your videos, and let's celebrate the beauty of gifting together. We're excited to be a part of your special moments, creating memories that will be cherished forever.

Whether you're celebrating someone’s 1st, 50th or even 109th birthday, our 'Balloon in A Box' range is the perfect choice to make their day extra special.

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