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Here at Love Kate’s, we know just how difficult January can be. The festive lights are down, the frivolities have vanished, and we find ourselves in the depths of winter with #BlueMonday looming over us. With the darker evenings and the pressure of resolutions and transformations, it is so important to be present and continue to show love and kindness. With that in mind, we're not letting the January blues get us down! In fact, we have the perfect antidote to lift your spirits and add a burst of positivity to your day: our fabulous 'Send a Smile' collection! So why not embrace joy in 2024, and send a smile to your loved ones?

Heartwarmer Keepsakes

Imagine the joy of discovering a heartfelt message in the midst of a busy day – a portable, pocket-sized pick-me-up that brings comfort and kindness. Our Heartwarmer Keepsakes are sure to inject some warmth and light into the dark and dull January period, as small but meaningful reminders of love. The sentimental cards come with an envelope and can slip perfectly into your wallet or purse, allowing your loved ones to carry messages like 'A Big Hug For You,' 'I Miss You,' or ‘Thinking Of You.' Not only are they charming expressions of love and care, they are the perfect reminder of how much you care.

Inside Out Mugs

As we navigate the start to the new year, what better way to add a sprinkle of joy to your mornings than with our delightful Inside Out Mugs? These mugs are more than just vessels for your morning brew; they're thoughtful gifts designed to uplift spirits and brighten even the gloomiest of days. With a range of inspiring messages like "When it Rains Look For rainbows," "Don't Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle," and "Hug In A Mug," each sip becomes a reminder to focus on the positive. In a world that could use a little extra warmth, these mugs make for the perfect gift to boost someone's mental wellbeing.


Rainbow Gifts

We all know that rainbows have a magical way of brightening those dark days, which is why our Rainbow Gifts offer the perfect splash of colour for the new year. When the world seems dark and cloudy, and it all looks wet and grey, this little Pot of Happiness, will chase the clouds away, or perhaps you need a pair of Snazzy Rainbow Socks to keep you snug and bright. From Personalised LED Candles to Rainbow-inspired Hanging Plaques these gifts are a tangible reminder that there's always a rainbow after the rain. Spread the joy and share the positivity with someone special!

Personalised and Effortless

We know how busy life can get, and that's why we offer the convenience of sending your thoughtful gifts directly to your loved ones. With just a few clicks, you can choose the perfect item, add a personal touch, and have it delivered straight to their door. It's the little things that make a big impact, and our 'Send a Smile' collection is all about spreading happiness effortlessly.

As we navigate the January blues together, let's focus on the positive, share smiles, and remind ourselves that even in the midst of winter, there's an invincible summer within us. Browse our 'Send a Smile' collection today and let the sunshine in!


Here's to a brighter, happier January!


With love,


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