Why it is so important to choose the RIGHT Birthday card?

A Birthday Card like no other…

Every year, without fail, football-mad Joseph eagerly awaited his birthday. Not just for the presents, but for the card from his Auntie Katie. The entire family shared the understanding that no one could top Kate’s cards – unless they shopped at Love Kate’s too! Every year, Auntie Katie outdid herself, sending Joseph the most amazing cards that always perfectly mirrored his interests. From the musical birthday card that serenaded him singing “Joseph It’s Your Birthday!” for hours on end (much to Kate’s sister’s delight!), to the various designs that capsulated his personality so wonderfully, Auntie Katie gave the best cards.


As his special day kicked off earlier this week, Joseph carried a rush of pride, knowing he had reached a new milestone and left his single-digit years behind him. He was ten! The only thing he didn’t leave behind was the sheer excitement of receiving ‘that’ card from Auntie Katie. Joseph even cleared a special spot in the centre of the mantelpiece for the card. But little did he know, this year’s card from Auntie Katie would be different, and not in a good way.


10 year old boy smiling with his pop up football birthday card
Joseph's Football-Themed Party

With his friends gathered around him, 10-year-old Joseph’s heart started racing; he was eagerly anticipating the arrival of his birthday card from his beloved Auntie Katie. Proudly boasting to his pals: “Just wait until you see this Birthday card, it will be a really good one!” Auntie Katie was the founder of Love Kate’s, of course, which meant that she always gave the most amazing cards. With the pressure of his friends’ high hopes floating in the air, Joseph ripped open the envelope. However, to his dismay, the card was plain and unremarkable, a far cry from the usual embellished cards and pop-ups he had come to expect. A pang of disappointment pierced his chest, as he was now tasked with saving face in front of his friends. Joseph’s friends looked on in confusion, exchanging awkward glances. It was clear to everyone that this year’s card from Auntie Katie was a complete let-down, and the birthday boy’s spirits were noticeably deflated.

It wasn't until later that day, after his friends had left and there was a quiet moment to break the news, that Joseph learned the shocking truth –Auntie Katie had left the Pop-up Football Card on her desk at work, leaving her with no other option than to embrace… the corner shop. This shame felt all too much for Auntie Katie, as she now remembered exactly why she had created Love Kate’s all those years ago. Regardless of the occasion, the recipient, or the relationship, cards matter. Cards really, really matter! It’s not so much the act of giving a card, it’s the process of selecting the right card and adding a personal message. That’s what makes a card so special. With this in mind, Kate surprised Joseph with the intended spectacular Football Pop Up card that he deserved, and as you can see below, he loved it!


Football pop up birthday cards number one fan


As Kate looked ahead to her own birthday in just a few days time, still trying to digest the guilt of momentarily crushing a child’s hopes on their 10th birthday, she decided that it was so important for her customers to be able to find the right card.


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