Go Wild on Their Birthday With a Surprise Sound Greeting Card!

Greenfinch Card

Surprise Sound Cards

Love Kate’s is proud to offer an exciting range of sound cards, including cards from the Call of the Wild and Celebrate with Celebs ranges. Our sound cards are not your typical greeting cards - they're packed full of surprises and bound to wow the recipient. Every card comes with a surprise - a celebrity cameo, an animal noise or a hilarious sound effect, making each one truly unique. With a simple movement or action like opening the card, the sound is activated, creating a memorable experience that the recipient won't forget. Each of our sound cards features a surprise in every card, and we also have a range of cameo cards featuring impressions of some of the biggest stars in entertainment. So why settle for a regular card when you can give someone the gift of surprise with one of our amazing sound cards? Selected cards from the range are on sale for a limited time; so whether you're looking for a card for a birthday, anniversary or just to brighten someone's day, our sound cards are the perfect choice!

A Card for Everyone

Sound cards, singing cards, and musical cards are also fantastic for people with visual impairments. These exciting card ranges provide an auditory experience that can be enjoyed without the need for visual cues. For example, sound cards can play music or sound effects when opened, providing an immersive experience for the listener. Singing cards take it one step further by featuring a pre-recorded song or message that is sung aloud. Musical cards, on the other hand, often feature a button that when pressed, plays a pre-recorded tune. All of these options can provide a delightful surprise and a memorable experience for someone with visual impairments. Plus, they allow for a unique and personalised way to convey messages and greetings to loved ones. We truly believe that these types of cards can add a new dimension to the traditional card-giving experience and can be enjoyed by people of all abilities.

Cards From Your Favourite Stars

Oh! What’s occurring? We have a wide selection of celebrity sound cards, featuring some of the biggest stars in entertainment. From actors to musicians, our sound cards offer a personalised touch that is sure to make any recipient feel special. And with a surprise in every card, you never know who might be making an appearance. Whether it’s a birthday message from the nation’s beloved Geordie double act, Ant and Dec, or a celebratory message from the Chatty Man himself, Love Kate’s guarantee to offer a card that WOWS! Perhaps your loved one is a Strictly Come Dancing fan? With this Craig Revel Horwood sound card, their birthday is sure to score a 10! So whether you're looking to surprise the loud-mouthed Janet Street Porter fan in your life, or the quiet-as-a-mouse friend who loves animals, our sound cards are the perfect choice. And for the tractor-obsessed nephew who can't get enough of Clarkson's Farm on TV, we have a range of animal sound cards that are sure to impress.

Unpopular Sound Cards

Looking to Trump everyone else’s birthday cards? Thought you heard the last of Boris? Think again! Our Boris Johnson sound card features his iconic quips that are sure to leave a lasting impression. And for those who can't get enough of Nigel Farage, our Farage sound card is the perfect choice. As he's known for propping up the bar, this card features some classic pub-themed-patriotism. These sound cards are a fun and unique way to surprise friends or family, or even to use as a playful office prank. So why not give them a try? You never know, they might just become your new favourite way to send a message!

I’ve Herd It's Your Birthday!

Are you on the hunt for a great animal sound card? Then paws what you’re doing and check out our fabulous range! It’s not just celebrities that we feature on our sound cards. We also have a range of animal sound cards, featuring some of the most popular and beloved animals in the world. From emperor penguins to lions and tigers, our animal sound cards are sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. Our animal sound cards feature realistic and high-quality recordings of some of the most beloved animals around, from endangered wildlife to highland cattle.

Are you looking for a unique and fun way to wish your animal-loving friend a happy birthday? Not only will these cards make your recipient's day, but they'll also provide a fun and interactive experience. Imagine the surprise of opening your birthday card to hear the shrill screaming of foxes! And does anyone really even know what the mysterious call of a badger sounds like? We can’t forget the adorable squeaking of guinea pigs, Kate’s personal favourite! These cards are perfect for both kids and adults who love animals and want to add a little extra fun to their special day.

What sounds does a bird make, you ask? As heard in our bird cards, they range from a sharp, chirpy noise to the ‘I want your Cornish pasty’ noise that our staff are all too familiar with down at Love Kate’s HQ in Cornwall. For the nature lover in your life, our bird sound cards are the perfect choice. With cards featuring farm animals, jungle animals, and even ocean creatures, there truly is something for everyone! If the lucky recipient is simply a fan of anything animal-related, it’s almost a given that they’d adore a special message from Sir David Attenborough to display in their special, birthday habitat. So whether you're looking for a card for a bird watcher or a marine biologist, our animal sound cards are sure to make them smile… or perhaps even roar? It sure does sound like a special birthday card!

Our unique celebrity and animal sound cards are the perfect way to add a touch of excitement and surprise to any occasion. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or just want to show someone you care, our sound cards are sure to put a smile on their face. A regular card is always special, but a sound card is something truly unique that your loved one will never forget. With free UK delivery and our unique handwriting service on offer, sending a smile has never been easier. So why not try one of our surprise sound cards for your next special occasion? We're sure it will be a hit!

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