5 Ideas for Father's Day

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Millions of Dads across the world get a card and a lie in on Fatherís Day. Last year in the UK we sent an impressive 30 million Fatherís Day cards. In recent years, as fathers have become more involved in day-to-day family life itís hardly surprising that Fatherís Day is becoming just as big a day to celebrate as Motherís Day. What is the best way to celebrate Dad? Here are our top five ideas for Fatherís Day:

1) Send a Fatherís Day card

Itís not surprising this tops our list, is it? Greeting cards are simply the best way to kickstart every celebration. Fatherís Day cards are perfect to encapsulate your feelings and express and convey your thanks to him. Add to that a heartfelt personal message, handwritten inside, and you can see how the simple greeting card becomes truly special and deserving of the top spot in our list of five. Choosing the right card is important though. Dads come in all shapes and sizes (just like Fatherís Day cards); some are funny, sporty, handy - you see where we are going here - so picking a card that suits him perfectly is the first step. At Love Kateís we understand this, so you will find a range of cards for every Dad, Daddy, Grandad or father figure out there.

Father's Day Cards

2) Make it personal

OK, youíve found the perfect card, now to make it personal. What you write inside the card counts just as much as how you deliver it. Whether you like the surprise of using a traditional postage stamp so his card drops through the letterbox, you plan to hand deliver it together with a big hug or will pop it on his pillow first thing on Fatherís Day, itís a great idea to plan this part just for him. If you need ideas for what to write inside the card, we can help too. Personalise it with any nickname you affectionately use for him. Remember to thank him for being a great dad, think about what he has done for you over the years or in the last year. How does he make you feel? Fatherís Day is a great time to tell him. Remember a card is a Ďgiftí when it comes to giving, whatís inside counts and can make any occasion very special.

Personalised Father's Day Cards

3) Choose a gift

OK, so we said a card is a gift, well sometimes itís nice to treat him to the Ďpresentí type too. As well as saying ďThanks DadĒ in a card, a carefully picked pressie is a great idea. Fatherís Day is a celebration so letís celebrate! Dadís generally like socks and practical gifts and would usually rather you didnít spend much money, after all the ĎBank of Dadí expression doesnít come from nowhere! So, idea number three is to choose an inexpensive, practical gift. Something he can wear, eat, drink or Ďplay withí, like a gadget. If you want to spoil him, buy a few small gifts, here are some great Fatherís Day gift ideas.

Father's Day Gifts

4) Food or drink

So, all dads like food (think chocolate) and most like a drink (think beer) so hopefully you have that part covered in the gift idea with a shiny new ĎDad Tankardí or a ĎPersonalised Chocolate Barí. Our fourth idea is to spoil Dad with food or drink on the day. So, breakfast in bed, a bacon buttie for brunch or a pint down the pub. All dads are different (shapes, sizes) and ages so whether youíre treating ĎDaddyí for your toddler, or you are grown up and treating an older Father on Fatherís Day, hopefully you can think of just the right edible or drinkable treat to make his day extra special.

Personalised Father's Day Gifts

5) Make a memory

Our final idea for the perfect Fatherís Day celebration is to make a memory. Special occasions are the perfect excuse for getting together and indulging ourselves, spoiling each other and celebrating, often with a party. Take the time on Fatherís Day, if you can, to make it memorable. Hopefully, our ideas so far have already helped you start planning how you can make Fatherís Day extra special this year. Can you add a little extra to the plan? It could be organising to have a BBQ together, planning a family FaceTime or Zoom on the day, taking group photographs together, baking a cake or crafting something with the kids. Whatever you decide to do, in future years you can look back and remember fun times celebrating a great Dad.

No matter how you celebrate Fatherís Day we hope our Ď5 ideas for Fatherís Dayí have inspired you to make the day a special one. Pick your perfect Fatherís Day Cards, Personalised Fatherís Day Cards, Fatherís Day Gift Ideas and Personalised Fatherís Day Presents and kickstart a day to remember.

"Happy Father's Day"


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